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Hard Anodise - Hardness & Wear Resistance.

At Rideworks we HARD anodise all of our MTB narrow wide, single speed chain rings and sprockets, this is because the hard anodise makes the chain ring last a lot longer.

Other manufacturers don’t do this and merely use a decorative colour anodise.

The wear characteristics of hard anodised aluminium are most favourable at low loads and compare most favourably with hard chromium and high speed steel, in most cases better.

Generally high strength alloys like the 7000 series alloys that we make chain rings from produce a Microhardness figure ranging from 250 to 350 micro Vickers.

It has been found that a hard anodised coating measuring 450 mv will have a wear resistance of tool steel of 950 mv.

The process is a little more costly and a bit more complicated to control colour that is why we don’t offer purple for example – but we think it’s worth it for the extra life.

Rideworks only hard anodise chainrings

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