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T47 Bottom Bracket 2 part reduced middle tube

Our T47 bottom brackets have been selling well, mostly to custom frame builders that utilise them and the extra shell space to route the gear and brake lines through the BB shell.

We initially machined a reduced middle tube that gave extra space around the crank spindle that allowed cable routing, what we didn't anticipate was how the bike is built when ready to be assembled, one cup had to be inserted first then the cables could be fitted, the middle tube would have to then be inserted into place just before the drive cup was screwed in place, you could run them after because they would not fit past the flared end of the middle tube and the shell.
This caused an issue because you had to run cables first before the middle tube was in pace and therefore  you had to guess what the  cable bend was going to be etc.

We now have a 2 part middle tube on the T47 24 and 30mm BB's this allows you to fit one cup and then the middle tube before any cable are run,  you can then install cables and finally pop the supporting section of the middle tube in and the drive side cup.

rideworks t47 bb 2 part middle tube

We currently make T47 bottom brackets in 24mm MTB, 24mm road, 30mm raceface MTB and sram GXP fitment.
T47 versions we are currently working on are Campag Ultra torque, 24mm internal cups for 86.5mm shell

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