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T47 Bottom Bracket.

Fed up with a creaking press fit BB?

Well it looks like the T47 BB standard is here to stay, I must say we think its a good idea, the likes of Chris King and Enduro do to and are affiliates.

Here at rideworks we think a threaded BB is hands down better over a press fit any day of the week.

We assume it's no mistake that a 47mm BB standard was introduced, the PF30 BB shell inside diameter is nominally 46mm, this is the threading diameter for M47 that's used in the T47BB, as TAP's become more available you could technically tap out your frame and pop in a secure and creak free T47 unit.

What's more, you will also be able get T47 in 24mm and 30mm spindle versions, so your old crank will benefit to.

Rideworks have already developed and produced a T47 BB and is currently in test. Here is a sneak pic:

T47 Bottom Bracket

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